Dan Ashcom

Web Developer | Musician | Writer

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A blogging app written in Ruby on Rails with authentication and CRUD functionality via PostgreSQL database.

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Budget Planner

A budget planning application written in Ruby utilizing the Sinatra web library, featuring creation, editing and deletion of categorical spending with pie chart display, accompanied by a full test suite using Minitest.

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Content Management System

A file-based content management system written in Sinatra, featuring user-account access, mark-down file parsing and a full test suite using Minitest.

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To-Do List

A to-do list written using the Ruby Sinatra web application library, featuring CRUD functionality via PostgreSQL database, flash messaging and server-side validation.

Book Reader

Book Reader

An ebook viewer which renders from plain text files web pages containing a table of contents and formatted chapters, written using the Ruby Sinatra web application library.

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A tribute page using HTML, CSS, jQuery and Bootstrap.

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Technical Documentation

A technical documentation page with a responsive navigation menu written in HTML and CSS.